10-Minute Hollywood Sign Helicopter Tour

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Fly by the iconic Hollywood sign on this 10-minute helicopter tour. Soar over the Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park, and the Universal Studios theme park while hearing stories about the sites you see. Book your 10-Minute Hollywood Sign Helicopter Tour here.

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Los Angeles: A Bird’s-Eye View

Book the 10-Minute Hollywood Sign Helicopter Tour in advance. Embark on a thrilling journey. Soar above Los Angeles. Witness the iconic Hollywood sign from a helicopter.

Preparation for the Flight

Start at Burbank Airport. Meet the flight team. Prepare for an exciting take-off.

The Flight Experience

Ascend over the Hollywood hills. Head towards the famous sign. Keep your camera at the ready.

Capturing the City

Listen to the pilot’s commentary. Capture stunning photos of the city. Enjoy unique views of celebrity neighborhoods.

The Hollywood Sign

Pass the sign. Your pilot provides the best angle for photos. Experience the thrill of flying.

Sunset Option

10-Minute Hollywood Sign Helicopter Tour: Select the sunset option. Witness majestic views of the setting sun. Book fast, as this option is limited.

The Landing

Experience the excitement of a helicopter landing. End your tour on a high note.

Additional Highlights

Marvel at the sprawling cityscape. Spot landmarks like the Griffith Observatory and Dodger Stadium. Feel the rush of adrenaline.

Remembering the Experience

Cherish the memories of this unique adventure. Share your photos and stories. Inspire others to embark on this journey.

Exploring Further

Discover more of Los Angeles. Visit the bustling downtown area. Explore the diverse neighborhoods.


Reflect on the unforgettable flight. Appreciate the beauty of Los Angeles. Look forward to your next adventure.

Post-Flight Reflections

Relive the exhilarating flight. Ponder on the breathtaking views. Anticipate your next aerial adventure.

Sharing the Experience

Share your unique experience with friends and family. Encourage them to try this thrilling adventure. Spread the joy of flying.

Continuing the Adventure

Plan your next flight. Explore other cities from the sky. Keep the spirit of adventure alive.

Final Thoughts

Appreciate the beauty of flight. Understand the allure of the sky. Dream of your next journey.

Embracing the Sky

Feel the freedom of the open sky. Marvel at the world below. Embrace the joy of flight.

Looking Ahead

Imagine your future flights. Dream of new destinations. Keep exploring the sky.

Adventure Awaits

Look forward to your next flight. Anticipate the thrill of take-off. Dream of the views that await.

Chasing the Horizon

Imagine the horizon stretching out before you. Feel the thrill of chasing the sunset. Dream of the adventures to come.

Embracing the Adventure

Feel the thrill of new experiences. Look forward to the next flight. Keep the spirit of adventure alive.

Final Reflections

Reflect on the journey. Cherish the memories. Look forward to the next adventure.

Unforgettable Moments

Remember the breathtaking views. Relive the thrill of the flight. Cherish these unforgettable moments.

The Journey Continues

Keep exploring. Keep dreaming. The journey continues.

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10750 Sherman Way, Burbank, CA 91505, USA

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Los Angeles

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Los Angeles County

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United States

3 reviews for 10-Minute Hollywood Sign Helicopter Tour

  1. Maria Teresa Ayllon – Spain (verified owner)

    Genial Muy amables y profesionales. 100% recomendable.

  2. Tomás – Switzerland (verified owner)

    Amazing. Extremely friendly staff & pilot 🙂

  3. Liam – Britain (verified owner)

    So much fun, an unforgettable experience for my son and I. The people at Orbic were so welcoming and friendly, our pilot was great at pointing out famous landmarks and sights. I’d definitely recommend it!

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