1-Hour Helicopter Tour in Iceland: The Geothermal Tour

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Enjoy this 50-60 minute helicopter flight over geothermal springs, colorful mountain ranges, power plants, lava fields and craters. Depart from Reykjavik Domestic Airport and land for 15 minutes in the wilderness to enjoy the fantastic scenery of Iceland. Book your 1-Hour Helicopter Tour in Iceland: The Geothermal Tour, simply click on this here.

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Experience the Magic of Iceland

Embark on the journey 1-Hour Helicopter Tour in Iceland: The Geothermal Tour like no other with a 50-60 minute helicopter flight. Witness the breathtaking beauty of Iceland from above. See geothermal springs, vibrant mountain ranges, and expansive lava fields. Each sight is a testament to the raw, untamed power of nature. The geothermal springs bubble and steam, a reminder of the fiery heart beneath the earth’s crust. The mountain ranges, painted in a palette of colors only nature could create, rise majestically against the sky.

Marvel at Nature’s Power

From the comfort of your helicopter, gaze upon power plants harnessing the raw energy of the earth. These marvels of human engineering stand in stark contrast to the natural beauty surrounding them. They are a testament to our ability to harness and utilize the forces of nature for our benefit. Observe craters, silent witnesses to the explosive power of nature. Each crater tells a story of a time when the earth roared and spat fire, reshaping the landscape in its image.

Touch Down in the Wilderness

The adventure doesn’t end in the air. Land for 15 minutes in Iceland’s untouched wilderness. Here, you can truly appreciate the country’s unique landscape. Feel the wind on your face, hear the distant rush of water, and see the land stretch out before you. This is a moment to be savored, a moment where you are truly one with nature. Take this opportunity to reflect on the majesty and beauty that surrounds you.

Return to Civilization

Your journey 1-Hour Helicopter Tour in Iceland: The Geothermal Tour concludes with a return to Reykjavik Domestic Airport. As you touch down, take a moment to reflect on your adventure. You’ve seen nature at its most raw and beautiful, witnessed human ingenuity, and stood in places few have ever been. Take home memories of an unforgettable flight over one of the world’s most stunning landscapes. As you step off the helicopter and back into civilization, carry with you a newfound appreciation for the beauty and power of nature.

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3 reviews for 1-Hour Helicopter Tour in Iceland: The Geothermal Tour

  1. Alison – Britain (verified owner)

    Amazing. I was anxious about this trip but the pilot was fantastic. Professional but human! Would do it again today if I could sell a body part to pay for it!

  2. Paul – Britain (verified owner)

    Absolutely unbelievable – pilot gave us the option to go to the volcano instead of the geothermal area, which we jumped at. An amazing experience to see an active volcano from close above. The company, pilot, helicopter, safety and everything else were excellent and when will you ever get an opportunity to see new land being created. The pilot ever showed us how manoeuvrable the helicopter is on the way back, including negative G. All in all absolutely brilliant value for money

  3. Bettina – Germany (verified owner)

    A fantastic ride on helicopter to geothermal fountains over the volcanic landscapes. The pilot did some amazing manoeuvres after asking us if we are keen to do so. Dearly recommend this tour. Thank you!

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